Andrea Chase has was blessed to discover yoga over 25 years ago, at a young age. A dedicated student of both Asthanga and traditional Hatha styles, she hopes to inspire students to stay on the path of yoga through her safe, compassionate and powerful teaching. She strives to help others develop their intuition and strength while moving towards self-acceptance and contentment, rising above the challenges of our modern-day competitive culture. Andrea’s classes include a clear foundation in anatomy, intelligent alignment, mindful adjustments and creative, thoughtful, playful sequencing.

After completing her training in 2006 she began teaching with a deep respect for the health and safety of her students, truly believing that yoga is a practice that everyone deserves and which helps to reduce injury, illness and anxiety. Currently, she teaches various classes throughout the South Shore, including  Restore and Relax, Introduction to Postures for beginners, Traditional Moderate Vinyasa Flow, Boot Camp Yoga and Hot Power Yoga at various studios in Plymouth, Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham and Weymouth. She also teaches private, self-esteem based classes for young female athletes as well as injury preventative and healing classes for co-ed, college-aged and professional hockey, soccer and lacrosse athletes. Andrea also works privately with those experiencing health issues and post-traumatic stress.

Andrea credits the gift of yoga with the success of becoming immensely stronger, happier and blissfully aware after a series of tragic events. When not on her mat, Andrea spends time with her beloved friends and family, dancing, playing tennis, skiing, laughing, reading and captaining her own boat on and around the waters of Duxbury Bay as well as continually studying Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and honing her French.  She also hold a BA in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She can also be found running through the Duxbury  trails with her white German Shepherd, traveling the world, visiting her kind and spiritual family (who reside in Aspen, Denver and Loveland, Colorado and Santa Barbara, California) and hosting amazing poolside and fireside parties for her fellow yoga teachers and friends. Andrea continues to study and practice extensively with renowned yoga masters in both the Boston and Los Angeles yoga communities and is thrilled to be teaching at the DBMS.