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Adult Sailing Private Lesson

Call to schedule your private lesson 781-934-7555!

Kayak Rental

Rent a kayak or two for a fun weekend adventure!

SUP Rental

SUP with friends and family with our weekend rentals

1 Week Advanced Rowing

Perfect your rowing skills in this advanced class

2 Week Novice Indoor Preseason

Get ready for fall rowing with our Novice training course

Hudson (2 days/wk)

For those who have already learned to row

Hartley 12

Try out our newest sailing class!

Parent Sailing Night

Show your parents you sailing skills!

Land & Sea

Combine Ecology and Kayaking for a great day on the bay!

Family Powerboating

Learn to powerboat with the whole family!

First Wave

Lots to learn from our themed weeks! Choose one or all four weeks.

Second Wave

Lots to learn from our themed weeks! Choose one or all four weeks.

Junior SUP

Every day will be a new adventure for your kids out on the paddleboards!

Private Group SUP

Perfect for your own special event


Come kayak with DBMS. Every day will be a new adventure!


Learn this fast pace sport!

Wind & Paddle

For a fun 1/2 day adventure, combine Windsurfing and Kayaking.

Advanced Powerboating

Leads to MA Boating Safety Certificate and National Certification.

2 Week Learn to Row

Learn to row in this 2 week program on Duxbury Bay

Group SUP

Social SUP - It's your call! We'll plan for a memorable day

Board & Boat

For a fast and fun adventure, combine SUP and Catamaran. This is an extended day course!

Powerboating Education

MA Boating Safety Certificate issued upon successful completion.

Women Underway

Want to boost your confidence and boating skills?

Experienced Rowing

Expand your rowing skills in this 2 week program.

Third Wave: Marine Ecology 101

Enjoy hands-on learning about all the ocean habitat has to offer.

Private Group Kayaking

Want to kayak with family and friends? Consider taking a private lesson!

2 Week HS Varsity Indoor Training

Get ready for fall tryouts with this intense summer training program.

Big Fish Little Fish: Go Fish

Learn FUNdamental saltwater fishing knowledge.

Catch ’em Fishing

Do you have children that are enthusiastic about fishing?

Yoga SUP

Challenge yourself by adding the element of water to yoga practice.

Skipper and Mate

Join your child for one of their first sailing experiences!

Learn to Row

Always wanted to learn how to row? This is for you.

Big Fish Little Fish: Love A Lobster

Take a boat ride and pull up a lobster trap.

Adult Sunrise / Sunset

Experience a sunrise or sunset while you paddle on Duxbury Bay.

Tiller Tamers

Have your child experience the water while they are young!

Lil Luffers

Get your child more comfortable with boats and ready for Pram Power.

Hudson (Saturdays)

Row once-a-week in a hudson

Big Fish Little Fish: Oysters R Us

Ride on a boat and learn how oysters are grown.

Pram Power

Start your child's journey to becoming a successful sailor here!

Pram 2

Graduate's of Pram Power take this!

Big Fish Little Fish: Birds of the Bay

Grab Binoculars and join us for a bird watching boat ride.

Opti Magic

New sailors ages 9-12 start here!

Opti 2

Refine your skills and begin to learn how to race!

Quad (Saturdays)

The next step up from Hudson rowing

Big Fish Little Fish: Surprising Sea Creatures

Explore sea creatures first hand in the touch tanks.

Opti LTR

Work on becoming a great sailboat racer!

Quad (2 days/wk)

The next step up from Hudson rowing

Opti Travel Team

Practice and travel to local events as a squad!

Big Fish Little Fish: Shall We Shellfish

Let's go digging and discover what's in store.

FJ/420 Beginner

Novice sailors ages 13 and above start here! Learn the basics!

Competitive Quad

You've reached the top level, time to compete!

Big Fish Little Fish: Beacons of Light

Enjoy a bumpy car ride as you drive out to explore Gurnet Lighthouse.

420 Intermediate

Improve your skills in 420 Intermediate!

Big Fish Little Fish: Salt Marsh Secrets

Explore the hidden wonders of the Salt Marsh.

420 Transitional Racing

This class is for graduates of Opti LTR or Opti Racer that have been recommended to move to 420s by their instructor. Those in this class should already know the basics of racing and have a good amout of experience doing so. The course will cover racing tactics and strategies as well as advanced boat…

Drop-In Adult Rowing

Row at DBMS without having to commit to a class

420 Racer Traps & Chutes

Get on the next level and incorporate traps and chutes into your racing!

Erg Classes

Erging is the new spinning!

420 Travel Team

Practice and travel to local events as a squad!

Erg Membership

28 Ergs, the best all-around workout. 7 days, 5:30AM - 9:00PM.

Discovery Week

Get a taste of several activites DBMS offers. Great for short time visitors!

FJ Beginner

Learn some of the basics in 1 week FJ Beginner!


Enjoy some fast sailing for a week!

DBMS Varsity Crew

Congratulations Varsity Rowers and Coxswains!

Sailing Basics

Spend the weekend learning to sail.

DBMS Novice Crew

Congratulations Novice Rowers and Coxswains!

Social Sail

Be whisked away on a 2 hour cruise with friends or family.

Intro to Adult Sailing

Learn to sail or polish up some rusty skills - This one is on us!

Adult Sailboat Rental

Enjoy Duxbury Bay without incurring the expense of buying and maintaining your own boat!

Private Lesson

Get one-on-one coaching with a private lesson


Calling all abilities to enjoy the bay - view schedule and register today!
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