Big Fish, Little Fish Ages 3-6


First Wave


REGISTER 4 hours / 1 week / $335 / fixed schedule
Ages: 6+ Prerequisites: None Requirements: None

First Wave offers kids a unique introduction to the incredible marine environment in our backyard. Students will learn the basics of Ecology through field studies, lab experiments, games, and hands-on activities. At the end of the week, students will take home a journal depicting all of the incredible organisms and environments they learned about.

The class is taught by 2 instructors and utilizes a 15-passenger van, allowing students to venture out on trips to Duxbury Bay, the salt marsh, Gurnet Lighthouse, or on one of DBMS’s skiffs to pull a lobster trap!

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AGES 8-13

Join us starting July 16th for a week of nothing but SHARKS, as we get ready for Shark Week 2018!

Tuesday (9-4PM) the group will take a trip down to Chatham to visit the Chatham Shark Center, the look out at the Chatham Lighthouse, and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Falmouth.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (9-1PM) will be spent learning about local shark species and doing experiments in our marine ecology lab to learn how sharks remain floating in the water column and what adaptions they have for hunting pray. We will also be taking boat rides out to Saquish and Bug Light to hunt for seals and other common prey items!

Friday (9-1PM) we will have a Great White Shark party which will include a lesson on Great White Sharks, a shark documentary and shark themed snacks!


REGISTER New England Aquarium Field Trip

Ages: 10+ 4hrs (Thu 7hrs) / 1 week / $375 / fixed schedule

In Second Wave students will further their knowledge of the Marine Environment by becoming marine scientists in training for the week! Students will learn what factors influence a healthy bay before going out and testing such things as pH, turbidity, and biodiversity on our very own Duxbury Bay. Students will also learn about current threats to ocean health and what is being done to help protect the ocean and the animals that live there!

The class is taught by 2 instructors and utilizes a 15-passenger van, allowing students to venture to Bluefish River, Duxbury Beach, the salt marsh, and a new and exciting field trip that only second wave students will participate in!

Catch 'em Fishing


REGISTER 4.5hrs / 4 days / $650
Ages: 10+ Prerequisites: None Requirements: Friday is a make up day

Learn how to fish from the best! This isn’t classroom stuff, this is hands on meet up and go. Prepare for 4 days of fishing in the bay and even further while you go angling for the blues, and if they aren’t keepers then you’ll go trapping for lobsters, and digging for quahogs. Learn knot tying, bait and tackle tactics, and casting to fish handling, cleaning and filleting.

From Duxbury Bay and beyond Captain John takes you to where the fish are and you bring some home for sampling!

Third Wave Marine Bio 101


REGISTER 4hrs (Thu 7hrs) / 1 week / $400 / fixed schedule
Ages: 13+ Prerequisites: None Requirements: None

In the third and final class of the wave sequence, students will learn about current research being done in the field of marine science and what direction it’s heading in for the future. Lessons will be incorporated with hands-on field trips which allow students to dive in and learn what its like to do field studies as a marine scientist!

The class is taught by 2 instructors and utilizes a 15-passenger can, allowing students to not only explore Duxbury Bay and surrounding ecosystems such as the tide pools at Marshfield jetty, but they will also take a field trip down to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to talk with real scientists and hear about their path into the field of Marine Science.