Junior Sailing Director

Addy White

Assistant Junior Sailing Director

Peter Graceffia

Zach Carusso

  • Duxbury, MA
  • Pram Power Head Coach

Emily Gunderson

  • Duxbury, MA
  • Sailing Coach

Caroline Gillis

  • Sailing Coach

Caroline Williams

  • Sailing Coach

Nolan Evans

  • Sailing Coach

Phill Morse

  • Has been sailing for fourteen years and was on the Duxbury High School sailing team.
  • More recently, he attended a Norwegian Folk School, where he developed mountaineering and avalanche safety skills.
  • This will be Philips second year as a senior instructor and tenth year at DBMS as a sailor/instructor.

Paige Hoffman

  • Where you’re from: Duxbury, Ma
  • Where you go to school: Fordham University
  • What grade you’re in: Rising Sophomore
  • How long you’ve been sailing: 9 years
  • Favorite thing about being on the water/ fav memory: My first win at a college sailing regatta this past spring.
  • What you’re looking forward to: Getting back on Duxbury Bay after a whole year of sailing in the Bronx!

André Evans

  • I am from here in Duxbury
  • I just graduated from Duxbury High School this Spring and this Fall, I will be attending High Point University in North Carolina.
  • I have been sailing for a little over 10 years now and I cannot think of anything else that I would rather be doing.
  • I will never forget the Summer that I spent on the race team with some of my best friends, we traveled all around, going to different regattas and I got a taste of what it’s like to sail on the open ocean, which is a whole different game than Duxbury Bay.
  • As for now, the thing I am looking forward to most is getting to High Point this August and taking the next step in my life.

Kevin Coakley

  • From Duxbury, MA
  • Opti Race Coach
  • Just graduated from Harvard College with a major in economics, minor in psychology
  • 4-year starter on Harvard Varsity Sailing Team
  • Just inducted into College Sailing Hall of Fame
  • Starting “real world” job in consulting in August
  • Spending month before DBMS summer traveling through Eastern Europe
  • Grew up sailing at DBMS then for Duxbury HS
  • Last coached at DBMS in 2013
  • Eastern CT sailing coach of the year 2015
  • Excited to get back to my roots and have an awesome summer at DBMS!
Bella Rabeni
  • I’m from Duxbury
  • I am going to be a junior at Duxbury High School
  • I have been sailing for 8 years
  • My favorite thing about sailing and being on the water is how different it can be every day.
  • I am looking forward to a great summer teaching kids how to sail and have a fun time on the water

Olivia Kearns

  • I’m from Duxbury
  • I will be a junior at Duxbury High School
  • I’ve been sailing for 10 years with DBMS
  • My favorite thing about being on the water is getting to do what I love while being surrounded by friends and awesome people.
  • I’m looking forward to being an instructor because when I took classes at DBMS, I thought my instructors were so cool and fun and I hope the kids I teach can think the same of me!

Jed Bell

  • I’m from Hull.
  • I just graduated from Boston College High School and will attend Brown University in the fall. I was the co-captain of the sailing team at BC High, and I will also sail for Brown.
  • I’ve loved sailing since I started when I was 8 at the Hingham Yacht Club. I began my sailing career in optis and moved onto 420s when I was 15. I’ve always enjoyed competing at regattas with my summer and high school teams.
  • My favorite memory came this spring when my high school team qualified for the National Invitational Team Racing Tournament in Rochester, New York for the first time ever. After two days of incredibly light wind, we finished fourth which was a great way to end my senior season.
  • I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and having fun out on the water!

Thom Tribble

  • Where you’re from – Born in Bangkok Thailand. I have lived in Bangkok, Singapore, the UK and currently in Amsterdam. I have spent every summer at our home in Duxbury since I was 4 years old. (am now 17)
  • Where you go to school – just graduated from the Gymnasium Hilversum, the Netherlands and I am starting my studies at Fudan University in Shanghai (China) in August, studying Mandarin Chinese
  • What grade you’re in – see above
  • How long you’ve been sailing – since I was 4 years old, always at DBMS, with my 3 brothers and my father. My older brother Julian was also an instructor with DBMS and my 2 younger brothers will be sailing 420’s this summer, (Pip in the Race team).
  • Favorite thing about being on the water/ fav memory – I have always loved Pirate Day, both as a sailor and as an instructor.
  • What you’re looking forward to –  summer on the water: sailing in Duxbury Bay is the best place to spend a summer!

420 Race Team Coach

Calder Stames

Katie Lojko

  • Duxbury, MA
  • Sailing Coach

Joe Golden

  • Sailing Coach

Noah Handfield

  • I’m from Duxbury, MA
  • I go to Duxbury High School
  • I am currently a sophomore
  • I have been sailing for around 5 years
  • My favorite thing about being on the water is how relaxing it is
  • I’m looking forward to spending time on the bay and to help younger sailors to learn about, and love sailing as much as I do

Corinne Lee

  • Sailing Coach

Summit Bleak

  • I am from Hingham, Massachusetts but originally I was born in Salt Lake City Utah where i grew up until I was 12 and moved out to Hingham with my dad.
  • I currently am a rising senior at Hingham High School, and have been going here for all years of high school
  • I am in 11th grade
  • Ever since I was 9 years old I have gone to Massachusetts to visit my current step mom and step sister, and during the summers I have sailed. I have taken almost every course available at DBMS, from Pram to 420s to windsurfing and more.
  • My favorite thing about being on the water is how much fun it brings. It also teaches so much skill that can be used in every day life. My favorite memory is definitely when I was in Pram 2 and there was a huge storm. Every single person in my class had capsized except for me, and I was sailing alone! I remember being extremely excited and couldn’t wait to tell everyone.
  • I am looking forward to being able to work with what I love most about my summers. I love working with people and am very passionate about sailing so I know I’ll be a great fit for the DBMS staff. Cant wait!

Caroline DiCenso

  • West Roxbury, MA
  • Boston College 2021
  • Windsurfing for 7 years
  • Favorite Memory: Teaching my younger sister how to windsurf
  • Looking Forward To: Spending another summer on Duxbury Bay!