Local Sailors Spend Day with Olympian, David Dellenbaugh

David Dellenbaugh returns to DBMS for another fantastic seminar on “Speed & Smarts Strategy and Tactics”. He began the day-long seminar with this statement, “You can’t always win the race, but you can always learn something that will give you a better chance of winning the next race.” He went on to say “Most sailors want to keep learning, and that’s what these seminars are all about.” With a large captive audience, of which included beginner and experienced sailors with ages spanning over fifty years, Dellenbaugh dove into his presentation.

The seminar began at 8:30AM where Dellenbaugh examined the strategy and tactics of Starting. Topics included starting philosophy, pre-start planning, picking a place to start, the importance of line bias, using a line sight, defending your hole, coming off the line, evaluating risk, key racing rules and many more.

After lunch, the group learned about the strategy and tactics involved in racing upwind. Dellenbaugh elaborated on how to pick the favored side, windshift strategy, risk and reward, strategic rules of thumb, wind shadows, tactical positioning, and light vs. heavy air, among several other valuable topics.

Feeling full of knowledge and eager to put their new skills to work, seminar attendees left Sunday evening with the thoughts of Spring Racing zipping about in their heads. “A fantastic clinic by one of the world’s greatest.”said DBMS Junior Sailing Director, Addy White. The Duxbury High School Sailing Team begins their race season this week. “This was a fantastic way for the High School team to jump-start their brains and prepare themselves for being back in the boat next week.”

DBMS Adult Sailing also begins this Spring with the Flying Scot Racing Program under the direction of Adult Sailing Director, Jim Flynn. “I am excited to get more adults out sailing and feeling skilled and confident on Duxbury Bay. No matter your level of experience, I want to get you in a boat and on the water.” For more information on any DBMS sailing programs, visit DBMS.ORG. You can also reach either of our program directors via e-mail:

Junior Sailing Director – Addy white, addy@dbms.org

Adult Sailing Director – Jim Flynn, jim@dbms.org

For more information on David Dellenbaugh, see his bio below.

David Dellenbaugh is the publisher, editor and author of Speed & Smarts, the racing newsletter. He was the tactician and starting helmsman on America3 during her successful defense of the America’s Cup in 1992 and sailed as tactician in three other America’s Cup campaigns from 1986 to 2007. David is also a Lightning world champion, two-time Congressional Cup winner, seven-time Thistle national champion, two-time winner of the Canada’s Cup, three-time Prince of Wales U.S. match racing champion and past winner of the U.S. Team Racing Championship for the Hinman Trophy. Dellenbaugh wrote and narrated the Learn The Racing Rules online learning program. When he was director of marketing for North Sails, David helped write the North U. Fast, Smart and One-Design courses. He is currently a member of the US Sailing Racing Rules Committee (and was its chairman from 2005-2008). David was a coach for the 2012 US Olympic Sailing Team in England. In 2016 he was the team’s tactical coach and served as rules adviser during the 2016 Olympics in Rio. During the past 20 years, David has taught hundreds of seminars around the country about strategy, tactics, racing rules and boatspeed. He is currently teaching a series of strategy and tactics seminars that he created based on material that has appeared in his Speed & Smarts newsletter.