Lucy’s discovery of yoga began while she was in college attending New York University. The practice was initially a way for her to find peace in the midst of an overstimulating and fast paced city life. As her study and dedication to the practice deepened, she uncovered a space where inner transformation and healing occurs.  She graduated college in May 2020 with her bachelors of science in nutrition and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of healing and self growth to help others along their journey. 

As a musician, athlete, science lover, and spiritual seeker, Lucy appreciates how the practice of yoga is a place for her to integrate all of all these modalities. She see’s the yoga studio similar to an orchestra. By breathing, moving, and practicing together, something greater is created, and mind body soul transformation occurs.

Lucy completed her Vinyasa teacher certification with Om Factory NYC. In addition to her yoga training, she trains and performs as an aerial dancer in NYC. When coming to Lucy’s class you will experience the influence of  her various movement and artistic experiences, and most importantly love. 

Class with Lucy: 

My Vinyasa class is a moderately paced athletic flow with an emphasis on balancing both strength and flexibility. We will work together on cultivating safe alignment and mindful movement through the connection of our breath to our postures. This class is an energizing and flowing dance like experience that will build heat in the body and create space for healing and inner transformation. Various modifications for poses and postures will be given. All age groups and all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to attend!