High School Summer Racing Series


Ages: 14-19 Prerequisite: 1 season of High School Sweep Rowing 2hrs / 1 week  This class offers High School aged rowers the opportunity to train and race in a variety of sweep and sculling boats.  Crews train on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and race on Thursdays.  All classes are 6-8pm.  There is a discount for enrolling in all 4 weeks.

Sculling Level I


Ages: 11-17 Prerequisite: None 1.75hrs / 2 weeks  An introduction to sculling, or rowing with two oars. This class covers all the fundamentals of the rowing technique, along with general safety in equipment use. In this class we use the larger, more stable rowing shells.

Sculling Level II


Ages: 11-17 Prerequisite: Sculling level 1 or HS Rowing Team or 7/8th Grade Rowing 1.75hrs / 2 weeks / $415 This class builds off of Sculling Level 1 working more on higher level technique, along with following and rowing well with others in the boat. We continue using the larger more stable rowing shells in week 1, then in week 2 we introduce the smaller, faster racing shells.

Sculling Level III


Ages: 11-17 Prerequisite: Sculling Level 2 or HS Rowing Team AND Sculling Experience 1.75hrs / 1 week   This class works on refinement the of sculling technique and rhythm, using upper level drills. We will continue to learn in the smaller faster racing shells with the addition of learning to steer them.

Sculling Level IV


Ages: 11-17 Prerequisite: Sculling Level 3 2hrs / 1 week  This class builds off of Sculling Level 3 and focuses more on applying power to your stroke. We will look to include practice race pieces, along with steering the shells with little or no direction from the coach.

Sweep Level I


Ages: 11-17 Prerequisites: Level 3 Sculling 2hrs / 1 week  An introduction to the second type of rowing, sweep rowing. This type of rowing uses one oar rather than two and is the main field of focus for the high school rowing team during the fall and spring seasons.

NEW Singles Sculling Class


Ages: 11-17 Prerequisites: Sculling Level 4 2hrs / 1 week  This class builds on the skills and technique learned in previous classes with the addition of teaching how to balance and self evaluate technique in an ocean single. This class will be a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio with students and instructors.

Private Lessons

Ages: 11+ Prerequisites: None 60 min. If you are interested in booking a private lesson, please email Jr. Rowing Coordinator, Oli Rosenbladt, to set up a day and time that works: oli@dbms.org

Where should I start?

Questions? E-mail Summer Jr. Rowing Coordinator, Oli Rosenbladt, at oli@dbms.org