Classes for this month are currently underway.  Please contact Suzanne Walker at for more information.
We will be posting the next four week session on December 14th.

Small Group Strength Training:

We are excited to offer a 4 week small group strength training program. Dr. Liz Lange will be teaching this personalized class for anyone interested in improving mobility and strength. This strength training class is suitable for anyone new to resistance training or athletes returning from injury or time off (hello, pandemic!).

  • What can I expect? We will focus on major movement patterns and building a foundation of strength with a variety of tools including body weight, bands and dumbbells. Each class will have a dynamic warm up and be a full body workout. The small class size will allow for personal attention and modifications as needed. Plan on having fun, learning and getting healthy. 
  • Where is class held? We plan on being outside and in the event of poor weather we have appropriate shelter. We will follow all mandated Covid 19 protocols. 

Strength Training Class Schedule:
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:45am