DBMS Senior Staff

Chuck Leonard

Ted Lawson

McKenzie Thompson

Beth Casey

Anita Sullivan

Ali Dimatteo

Oli Rosenbladt

Suzanne Sarles

Addy White

Jim Flynn

Rob Spolsino

Mark Engelsman


Executive Director

Registrar & Director of Ecology

Bookkeeper & C.P.A.

Wedding Planner and Event Coordinator

Director of Marketing

Director of Junior Rowing

Director of Adult Rowing

Director of Junior Sailing

Director of Adult Sailing

Director of Maintenance

Director of Junior Powerboating & Sailing Program for Veterans

ext.102   chuck@dbms.org

ext.109   ted@dbms.org

ext.101   kenzie@dbms.org

ext.108   beth@dbms.org

ext.106  anita@dbms.org

ext.105   ali@dbms.org

ext.104   oli@dbms.org

ext.119   suzanne@dbms.org

ext.111   addy@dbms.org


ext.110   rob@dbms.org

ext.103  marke@dbms.org

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