DBMS Senior Staff

Chuck Leonard, President: 781-934-7555 ext. 102, chuck@dbms.org

Ted Lawson, Executive Director: 781-934-7555 ext. 109, ted@dbms.org

Anita Sullivan, Registrar and Director of Ecology: 781-934-7555, ext. 101, anita@dbms.org

Linda Herrick, Director Adult Sailing and Special Events Coordinator: 781-934-7555 ext. 106, linda@dbms.org

Michaela Streitfield, Director of Junior Rowing: 781-934-7555  ext. 104, michaela@dbms.org

Suzanne Sarles, Director of Adult Rowing: 781-934-7555  ext.119, suzanne@dbms.org

Mark Engelsman, Director of Junior Motorboating and Sailing Program for Veterans: 781-934-7555 ext. 103, marke@dbms.org

Rob Spolsino, Director of Maintenance: 781-934-7555 ext. 110, rob@dbms.org

Beth Casey, Bookkeeper and C.P.A: 781-934-7555 ext. 108, beth@dbms.org

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