Age 7-9 2hrs/Day, 5 days $220
We have changed our paddle sports schedule to run at high tide this summer so that students can explore more of Duxbury Bay! Although this program now overlaps with Jr Sailing, your child can now attend a paddle sports program and a marine science class! Our child-sized kayaks are perfect for both experts and beginner kayakers! Each day will be a new adventure as participants learn how wind, tide, and currents affect where the class can kayak each day!

Age 10+ 2hrs/Day, 5 days $220
Our weeklong Junior Stand Up Paddleboarding program will provide participants with plenty of instruction, fun and exercise. Every day will be an adventure! Will you travel under the Bluefish River bridge? Check out sea creatures and plants up close? Play water games at the Shipyard Lane dock? Maybe all of the above! By the end of a full week, your kids will be confident enough on the boards to maybe show you a thing or two! Unlike last summer, our SUP program will now run at high tide. Although this means you can no longer take SUP and JR Sailing on the same day, it does mean we will have tons of new places to explore!

For questions, please email Kenzie Thompson at kenzie@dbms.org