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For donations via ACH transfer, stock gifts or In-Kind donations contact Executive Director, Ali Spolsino.
(781) 934-7555 x109 email ali@dbms.org

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A little history…

In 1997, a small group of individuals founded the Duxbury Bay Maritime School with a simple idea, “to connect the community to Duxbury Bay.”  Outgoing Board Chair, Fred Clifford, describes it best:

“No organization that I have been involved with comes even close to the deep satisfaction as DBMS. Perhaps because this miracle started with an idea and a few individuals with a passion to make it happen. We started from scratch, with nothing – no money, no land, but with this idea. And then we sought and received overwhelming support from our community. And we made it happen.”

Now, twenty-three years later, it is truly remarkable what this idea has become. Each year, DBMS connects thousands of individuals to Duxbury Bay through a wide variety of educational and recreational programming. Yet, these connections simply would not be possible without the sustained support of our community.

A special thanks to our 2021 DBMS Donors…


The Ellison Foundation
Jane T. N. Fogg
Bayside Marine Corp.
Fred and Barbara Clifford
Stu and Nealy Clifford
The Clifford Family Foundation
Duxbury Yacht Club Charitable Foundation
Marketta Fritz
Grafton Memorial Fund
Eric and Kimberly Granat
Chuck and Teak Hewitt, III
Peter and Sue Hoover
Charles Kane
The Kelly Family Foundation
Ned and Janet Lawson

The Lorimer Family
Karl and Veronica McCarthy
Ann Millman
Robert and Jane Palmisano
Jim and Rosemary Phalen
Gary Powell
Nancy Riegel
Bill and Lynn Rice
Brian and Amy Sack
Saquish Foundation
Stephanie Smith
The Sohmer Family
Dan and Marjorie Sullivan
Peter and Meghan Quigley
Wooley-Clifford Charitable Foundation

$1000 – $4999

Anchor Capital Advisors
Kelli and Andrew Bentinck-Smith
Boston Marine Society
Glenn and Linda Brodie
Jonathan and Elizabeth Caffrey
Scott and Deborah Casagrande
Charles and Martha Clapp
Mason Cooke
Christine Hamori Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa
Consider The Lilies
Shawn Dahlen & Co.
Hope and Brian Daley
Darryl and Amy Demos
John Dwyer
Robert and Jeannie Fawcett
Mary Foley
Mark Guidoboni
F. Sherman and Diane Hoyt
Heidi Hutton
Frank and Jane Hyer
Howland Capital Management
Inwardbound Psych, LLC.
JB Robbie Builders
The Jodoin Family
Peter and Mary Ellen Lawrence

Chuck and Harriet Leonard
Craig London
Bill and Susan Looney
Richard and Patricia Loring
Christopher and Patricia Lee
Lynn Marples
Kevin and Ann Mullins
Robert Matteucci
Edward and Michelle McGrath
Paul and Lynn Moretti
Bonnie and Jay Noonan
Sandy and Chelsie Olney
Priester Foundation Fund
Keith and Nancy Pratt
Sargent Child and Family Services
Susan Schofield
Harry Scott
Wilfred and Patricia Sheehan
South Shore Sotheby’s International Realty
Linn Spalding
Hugh Spurway
Mike and Anita Sullivan
Janet Trefry
Raymond and Cornelia Wareham
Waterfront Realty
Jeanne and John Wolff

$500 – $999

Julia Adams
Ellen Barrett
Robert and Liz Bayston
Bespoke Coastal Architects
Gayla & Michael Campbell
David and Deborah Caso
Jim and Judy Dinneen
Wells and Leelie Dow
Patrick and Stephanie Gagnon
Walter and Deborah Gangl
Soren and Ruth Jensen
Kenneth and Marta Johnston
Jack and Akiko Kent
Samuel and Woody Lawson
Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc.

Thomas Lucas
Peter and Susan Maguire
Martin and Jennifer Monaghan
Kathleen and Peter Muncey
Thomas and Nancy O’Neill
Chris Ott
Phillips Tree & Construction
Rockland Trust
George and Michelle Russo
Elizabeth Sullivan
Paul and Allison Szachta
Douglas and Linda Von Iderstein
George and Anne Ward
Jason Wolfson
Betsy and Jay Woodruff

$250 – $499

Steve and Alexandra Amoratis
William and Victoria Babcock
Kenneth and Shelley Beeby
Bill and Nancy Bennett
Lisa Betteridge
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Liz Bone
Allen and Laura Carleton
Leo Chylack, Jr.
Kara McCarthy Cleveland
Charles and Maura Davis
James Dinneen
Brian and Katie Dinneen
William and Katherine Dixon
Sally Donahue
Kelly Frazier
Cynthia Galko
Maura and Paul Garvey
Roger and Diane Grant
Josie and Fran Hanlon

Lee and Scott Hutchinson
Ted and Amie Lawson
Jim Linsdell
Kenneth McCarthy
Frannie Moyer
John and Margaret Norberg
Patrick O’Connell
Asta O’Donnell and Robert Olshan
Marie Peeler
Catherine Pierce
Lisa Rockett
Kerry Rubin
Janice Smith
Rob and Ali Spolsino
Jackie Stames
Jeffrey Stracka & Linda Klein
Virgina Sykes
Virginia Tocci
John Turner
Stephen and Corinne Woodworth

$100 – $249

Jeffrey Annis
Dennis Austin
Denise Buckley
Kyle Bray
Jeffrey Baker
Len and Dolly Bicknell
Anne Borhek
Mark Bobseine
Paul and Sue Casale
David Corey
Joanne & Mark Cushing
Ginny Davis
Duxbury Civic Association
Michael and Katrina Devlin
Ted and Edie Devnew
Alison Estabrooks
Cristin & Sean Gillespie
Karen Gordon
Alice Hall
Tobin Harvey
Charles Harvey
Robert Hayes, Jr.
Robert and Charlyn Heidenreich
Ben and Beth Hesse
Clark and Jane Hinkley
Peter and Judy Holden
Sidney Holmes
Sherman Hoyt
Delmont Irving
James P. Shortall & Sons, Inc.
Kathleen Jamieson-Gargano
Stephen and Marilyn Kaszynski
Mi Kim
Thomas and Linda Kinsella
Lee Larkin

Morgan and Barbara Lamarche
Robert Loring
John and Elizabth MacKinnon
David and Sarah Madigan
Louise Mallette
Kevin and Carole McCarthy
Jack and Adrienne McGrath
Morgan and Ashleigh Mohrman
MacEwan Family
Douglas Mullen
Dick Nestle
Peter Nichols
North River Plumbing and Heating
Greg and Carole O’Connell
Merle and Mary Ott
George and Danielle Pahomov
John and Fostria Rachwalski
Dwight Rost
Oli & Melissa Rosenbladt
The Ryer Family
Daniel and Ranella Saul
James and Anne Schroeder
Giovina, Julian & Jonah Segalini
Nancy Sitta
Marc and Pat Slechta
Doug Stewart
Squeakie Thompson
Phill and Jen Thorn
Fred Trezise
Kathryn and Gary Tureski
Leo and Joanne Vercollone
Marcia Vose
Arthur Watson
Karen Weisel
Fred Karns and Susan Winslow

$1 – $99

Baumgarten Family
Nancy Barrett
Ellis Brewster
Jean Callahan
Angela Chase
Pat Clancy
Fidelity Foundation
Cepta and Tony Graceffa
Walter and Mary Beth Hempel
Mike and Penny Herlihy
Scott Jacobs
Shirley Jenkins
Paul and Ann Kalous
Angelique Kania
Bill and Maggie Kearney

Jessica Klebanoff
Bill Krein
Barry Levenson
Kevin and Carole McCarthy
Bob Mills
Gregg Morris
Janis Owens
PayPal Giving Fund
Frederick Stevens, Jr.
Mary Strauss
Sean Sullivan
Jeremy Traweek
John Truelove
Charles and Nancy Vonstackelberg
Sara Wilson

DBMS is grateful to the following organizations, and families

– Our generous 2021 Opening of the Bay sponsors –