2018 Annual Fund

Donate By Check

Please make checks out to DBMS, write Annual Fund or DBMS Community Fund on the memo line, and mail to:

Duxbury Bay Maritime School
PO Box 263A
Duxbury, MA 02331

Donate Shares of Stock

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Donate By Phone

Call 781-934-7555 to make a donation using your credit card.

Thank you for another spectacular summer!

Your continued generosity will help us upgrade equipment, create new programs and enable us to keep the price of classes as low as possible.

The progress DBMS has seen is made possible by everyone connected with the mission – to connect people of all ages, abilities and means to Duxbury Bay through educational and recreational programs that stimulate individual growth and an enduring love and appreciation of the sea. Whether it is through a philanthropic gift, participation in a program, or by donating your time – it all makes a tremendous difference. Below, you will find a variety of ways you can help.

How does my donation help?
Donate $25 Joining our generous community of contributors is a truly gratifying experience
Donate $50 You just provided an outing for an AccesSail participant
Donate $100 8 Crossroads kids learn they are leaving the city to spend the day kayaking
Donate $250 A child begins their on the water education from your scholarship for a one-week sailing program
Donate $500 15 Veterans are connected, and celebrated, through your funding their sail on Duxbury Bay
Custom Amount With so many people to serve, we cannot wait to share the impact of your gift

Especially for those in need within, and beyond, our extraordinary South Shore community, you are enabling us to truly provide impact at an enormous level. Our vision is to expand the positive impact of DBMS, and we are honored and take enormous pride in your involvement though financial support to help make that happen.

DBMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

A special thanks to our 2017 donors…


Bayside Marine Corporation
Bennett-Smith, Stephanie
Boston Marine Society,
Buchanan Family Foundation
at the direction of Cap Kane
and Anne Eldridge
Clapp, Charles
Clifford, Frederic and Barbara
Clifford, Stewart and Cornelia
Devnew, Ted and Edie
Duxbury Yacht Club
Elliott, Alastair and Jill
Ellison Foundation
Farnum, Peter
Fogg, Jane
Gisholt, Paal and Maguire, Jill
Grafton Memorial Fund
Heath, Richard and Nancy
Kent, Jr., Jack and Akiko
Lyons, Richard and Kathleen
Mastrovita, Robert and Poppy
The Phalen Family
Pratt, Keith and Nancy
Quigley, Peter and Heffernan, Meghan
Saquish Foundation
Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation
The Clifford Foundation
The Kelly Family Foundation
Wood, Thomas and Donna

$1000 – $4999

Amory, Shirley
Anchor Capital Advisors
Community Garden Club of Duxbury
Dahlen, Shawn
Dwyer, John and Susan
Haas, Daniel and Cheri
Hewitt, Charles and Theresa
Hoyt, F. Sherman and Diane
Kane, Charles and Eldridge, Anne
Keating, Mark and Sarah
Keohan, Joseph
Lawson, Edward and Janet
Lorimer, Christine and Scott
Loring, Richard and Patricia
Matteucci, Robert M
O’Neill, Thomas and Nancy
Pineau, Robert and Donna
Powell, Jerome
Radius Financial Group
Reardon, J Calder Smoot
Riegel, Nancy
Robinson, Jr., Powell
Sack, Brian and Amy
Sheehan, Wilfred and Patricia
The Rice Family Charitable Foundation
Toyota Of Braintree
Trefry, Janet
Tribble, Brad and Jolene
Waterfront Realty Group
Wolff, John and Jeanne

$500 – $999

Adams, Julia
Amory, David and Susan
Bennett, Jr., Arthur and Nancy
BullsEyeTelecom, Inc.
Carleton, Allen and Laura
Christine A. Hamori MD, PC
Curran, Maria and Ross, Marc
Dinneen, James and Judy
Donohue, Jim and Kyle
Elliman, Heidi and James
Fleming, Peter
Granat, Eric and Kimberly
Grossman, David and Mary Fran
Hamadeh Builders
Heidenreich, III, Theodore and Holly
Hutton, Heidi
Jensen, Soren and Ruth
Kathleen Keating, DDS PC
Krahmer,  Jane
Lawson, Samuel and Woody
Leonard, Charles and Harriet
MacNaught, Malcolm and Pam
Maguire, Peter and Susan
Marty’s, Inc. GMC
Meade, Caroline O
Monaghan, Martin and Jennifer
Moriarty, Lisa
Mullins, Ann and Kevin
Murphy, Marianne
Nestle, Richard and Robinson, Elizabeth
Norberg, John and Margaret
Oliver, Mitchell and Kathleen
Plymouth Bay Orthopededic Assoc., Inc.
Rhinesmith, Sarah and Christopher
Rockland Trust
Sustainable Duxbury
Szachta, Paul and Allison
The Boston Foundation
Tocci, Ginny
Tyson, Molly and Chesley, David
Wareham, Raymond and Cornelia
Wehner, Harrison and Karen
White, John and Catherine
Wooden, Douglas and Mariette
Woodruff, Betsy and Jay
Zaniboni, Jennifer
Zurlo, Paul and Sylvia

$250 – $499

Anchor Press
Bay Farm Montessori Academy
Boerger, George H.
Brodie, Glenn and Linda
Brooks, Carrie and Matthew
Campbell, Michael and Gayla
Casassa Family
Chylack, Leo and Sara
Colburn, Marc
Collins, Michael and Jill
Daly, Jon and Fox, Robin
Desmery, Martin and Diane
Dixon, William and Katherine
G & G Silk Screening
Goldenberg, James and Shanahan, Gay
Gregg, Michael and Elizabeth
Heidenreich, Robert and Charlyn
Ikeda, Stephen and Hearst-Ikeda, Diana
InwardBoundPsych, LLC.
Kelso, Dorothy
Keohan, Michael
Lawson, Ted and Amie
Long, Winifred and Van Ummersen, Gordon
MacDonald & Wood Sotheby’s
Marples, Lynn
McCarthy, Kenneth and Carole
McCormack, Steve and Reggie
McGinty,  John and Ingrid
Morse, Richard and Sheila
Pease, Greg
Phillips Tree & Construction
Ryer, Jane
Spurway, Hugh and Rosemary
Tenney, Lederle and Charles
TFC Financial
The Oysterman Inc.
Thorn, Phillip and Jennifer
Tidegate Capital LLC
VonIderstein, Douglas and Linda
Walsh, Stacy
Wiemeyer, Andrew and Kimberly
Winsor House Inn
Winter, Paul and Suzy
Wolfson, Jason

$100 – $249

Annis, Amy and Jeffrey
Artistic Blossoms
Barker, Diane
Bartlett, Douglas and Barbara
Beattie, Marc and Sarah
Beeby, Kenneth and Shelley
Bicknell, Leonard and Dolly
Borhek, Anne
Burnham,  Elizabeth
Carter,  Paige
Casagrande, Scott and Deborah
Caso, David and Deborah
Chapman, Harriet
Chapman, Thomas and Carol
Collins, David and Joan
Corvelli, Edmund and Linda
Cramb, Gretchen
Cusumano, Bob and Meb
Cuz Of Jesse
Daichman, Sean and Linda
Danner, Mary
Davenport, Elizabeth and Samuel
Davis, Virginia
DeCollibus, Chris and Bethany
Dorris, Weatherly
Duarte, Anthony and Nuland, Hope
Evans, Paul and Barbara
Fargo, Charles
Fawcett, Robert and Maria
Fay, John
Fiduciary Trust
Findley, John
Fitzgibbons, James and Janet
Ford, Charles
Frame, Peter and Cece
Fritz, Marketta and Erich
Gagnon, Patrick and Stephanie
Gleason, Paul and Phyllis
Grant, Roger and Diane
Haffey, Anita
Hajjar, Richard
Hale, Chris and Wendy
Hall, Daniel and Alice
Hearn, Dianne
Herlihy, Mike and Penny
Hillstrand, Lori and Kris
Hinkley, Clark and Jane
Hoffman, Stephen and  Irene
Hoguet, Jessica
Holbrook, Guy and Amy
Horn, Michael
Horton, Susan
Hussey, Beth M.
Irving, Delmont and Regina
Jenkins, Shirley
Karns, Susie Winslow Fred
Kelly, Kim and Mark
Khoo, Christina
Kinsella, Thomas and Linda
Laird, Heidi
Lamarche, Morgan and Barbara
Lemieux, Jon and Sarah
Loring, Elizabeth and Robert
Mallette, Louise
Maloof, Joanna
Manning, Carol and Tim
McGillicuddy, Anne
Mcneill, Linda & James
Millar, Robert
Moccaldi, Frank and Camille
Morris, James and Holly
Nigrelli, Zachary
Nugent, John and Jeanne
Nuland, James and Beatrice
Olney, Richard
Orosz, Eugene and Toni
Ott, Merle and Mary
Packard, Walter and Marilyn
Plotkin, Gary and Lange, Elizabeth
Rost, Dwight and Sylvia
Sawyer, Tom and Kille, Susan
Schuettler, Andrea
Spalding, Linn
Spence, John
Spolsino, Rob and Dimatteo, Ali
State Street Employee Giving
Steinke, Jerry and Mary
Stewart, Doug
Stewart, Geoffrey and Joyce
Stout, Henry and Suzanne
Sullivan, Michael and Anita
Teare, Phoebe
Thompson, D. Higgins
Veitkus Family
Verc Enterprises
Walsh, Gayle
Walsh, Mary
Watson, Arthur and Goluboch, Carol
White, Kevin and Karen

$1 – $99

Austin, Dennis and Barbara
Baumgarten Family
Bayston, Robert and Elizabeth
Bobseine, Mark
Bookstein, Stuart and Margaret
Brush, David and Candy
Callahan, Jean
Cameron, Brian
Carpenter, Peter and Debbie
Caruso, Gregory L
Couillard, Matthew W
Decker, Kacey
Dilger, Mary
Donnelly, Ted and  Krista
Drummey, Mark and Jennifer
Duddy, Maddison
Duffy, Michael and Susan
Flanagan, Christopher and Mary
Gangl, Walt and Deborah
Graceffa, Anthony and Cepta
Guilfoile, Thomas and Patricia
Hempel, Walter and Mary Beth
Hunter, Diane
Jones, Christopher and Deborah
Kalous, Paul and Ann
Locke, Richard and Cynthia
Loring, Caroline
MacEwan Family
MacKinnon, John and Elizabeth
Mallek, Brent and Kelly
Mayer, Elizabeth and Kane, Mike
Orlandi, Tom and Judy
Popoloski, Christopher and Martha
Protasewich, Ronald and Joanne
Sawyer, H.A. and Sarah
Stevens, Frederick and Elizabeth
Stevens, Meredith
Vonstackelberg, Charles and Nancy
Vuletich, Brian
Wilson, Sara
Woodman & Eaton, P.C.

*** If your name is missing, please contact DBMS.


Help Fund the Future of DBMS

In order for us to keep improving and making maritime learning accessible for all, DBMS relies heavily on the generosity of our community members and those passionate about our school.

DBMS is designated by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization (EIN 04-3348183). All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Annual Fund is one of the most important aspects of the school as it is presents an “on-going” fundraising initiative for community members and those who are passionate about DBMS. It supports Accessail and Maritime Adventures, the school’s outreach programs that together serve nearly 500 disabled and disadvantaged individuals each year. Donations also support need-based program tuition scholarships and costs associated with hosting the Duxbury High School sailing and rowing teams that are not covered by tuition and fees.

The DBMS Community Fund for the Future and Legacy Society have been established by the Board of Directors to ensure the long term fiscal health of the school by providing capital for campus and fleet maintenance. Please contact the school if you are interested in either one of these funds for more information and other ways to contribute through multi-year pledges and planned gifts from your estate.

In conjunction with the generous donations made through our Annual Fund, Community Fund for the Future, and Legacy Society, we also hold different fundraisers for the school. Opening of the Bay is our biggest event and will be happening this year May 22nd and 23rd. The High School sailing and rowing teams also host their own semi-annual fundraisers that guarantee a good time for all involved.

Whatever it is that makes you excited about DBMS, please consider donating to our school. Every little bit will help us to improve our programs and support our outreach efforts.