Thank You!

Thank you to all our speakers and attendees that made 2022 one of the best years yet for our Speaker Series. We learned so much from the seminars and discussions that followed. So many important conversations unfolded from these free talks and we hope to continue stimulating them in 2023. See below for a recap of our 2022 Speaker Series.

Shellfish Farming and Coastal Communities: Environment, Economy, and Culture

By Chris Sherman, Island Creek Oysters
We started off learning about how shellfish, specifically oysters, have improved our marine ecosystems in Duxbury Bay. Oysters are incredible creatures that help filter our bay, prevent rising sea levels, and create a booming economy. Chris and his team at Island Creek Oysters have done a remarkable job educating the community on the science behind oyster farming and how important oysters are to our ecosystems.

Marine Animal Rescue and Response Program

By Sarah McCormack, Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Being on the water during the summer on the South Shore is a must. We are fortunate to have an outstanding array of wildlife that we get to witness both on and off the water. Sarah provided a boat load (😉) of information and protocols to respectfully watch bigger marine life like seals and whales and how to respond when you find an animal washed up on the beach.

Duxbury’s Women at Sea

By Carolyn Ravenscroft, Duxbury Rural and Historical Society
Duxbury has a rich history of shipbuilding, but the stories of their voyages are rarely discussed. Carolyn shared those stories of women who took to the seas during the late 1700s and 1800s. Documents of these travels led to the discovery that more women went to sea than expected and they went all over the globe!

The Prep School Negro

By André Robert Lee, Presented by DBMS
We were so thrilled when André Robert Lee agreed to come to DBMS to show his own film, The Prep School Negro, and talk to our community. This was just the start to the essential conversations that need to happen in order for us to be an equitable and inclusive resource to the town and beyond.

The Future of Fishing

By JJ Cruz, Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Similar to oyster farming, lobster and crab fishing are popular industries for coastal regions. Technology continues to advance in order to improve efficiency of farming and protect other sea life. “On-Demand Fishing” uses innovative acoustic triggers that result in the preservation of our seas and a reduction in animal entanglement. This type of technology is still in its trial phase, but with proper funding, WDC and JJ hope to see a rise in this type of fishing in the years to come.

The Snowy Owl Project

By Norman Smith, Presented by the Duxbury Beach Reservation and DBMS
When the elusive Snowy Owl comes to Duxbury Beach, they become quite the spectacle. Norman Smith shared his extensive knowledge on this remarkable raptor. While Smith doesn’t think this will be a record year for snowy owl sightings in Duxbury, he is sure that some of you will get to see these beautiful creatures if you’re stealthy and respectful!

Check back soon for our 2023 events!

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