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We’re eager to return to rowing on Duxbury Bay!

Starting Out…

Interested in learning to scull? We have two options for you! Our learn to row program runs once a week for four consecutive weeks. This class will have 5 participants learning to row in a stable training shell. Please read below for more information. The other option is learning to scull through a progression of private lessons. This option works well for those seeking individualized instruction moving at a pace and schedule that works for you.

Learn To Row

1.5 hr class Fridays & Saturdays AM, *COMING SOON: Mondays 5PM*

This class is offered to those who would like to learn to scull (2 oars) and explore Duxbury Bay in a team boat. With our new Rowing Center open, and access to our state of the art equipment, you will learn the basics of the rowing stroke in the comfort of our tanks. With basic rowing skills mastery, you will progress to our team boats and learn to navigate the Bay under the guidance and direction of our rowing coaches. See below for class dates.

Intro to Singles Sculling

1 hr class Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 9:00AM

For your personal safety it is important to be physically able to turn around and look over your shoulder to see behind you. For experienced rowers that are NEW to singles. These classes are designed for adults with fundamental rowing experience who would like a slightly slower pace than the regular Singles Sculling Classes. These courses will be run with a 2:1 student to coach ratio and the goal is to become familiar with the equipment, and steering. Our singles are stable and suitable for rowers who have one or more seasons of rowing experience.  The expectation is that rowers will be independent enough after three lessons to work with our 2 student to 1 teacher ratio.  If a participant needs or wants individual attention, we recommend private lessons or Learn to Row classes. In addition it is not uncommon to prefer to stay in this class due to the coaching ratio and enjoyment of the pace of the class.

During registration you simply choose the day and time you want to row and you may add dates to your cart before checkout. See below for Class Schedule and Registration dates. Please use the “Waitlist” button if classes are full.

Singles Sculling

1 hr class Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 9:00 AM, Fridays at 8:00 AM 

This class is designed for experienced scullers who have mastered the independence of launching their shell without assistance, and have gained confidence rowing in a single shell. The rower should need minimal guidance in steering and instruction on proper rowing technique.

During registration you simply choose the day and time you want to row and you may add dates to your cart before checkout. See below for Class Schedule and Registration dates. Please use the “Waitlist” button if classes are full.

Team Boat Rowing

Our team boat rowing program has a multitude of opportunities to welcome any and all rowers to the Bay. Come jump in a boat!

Please click on the appropriate button based on your experience. We will gather as a group with our participants and put boats together. We have team boats, doubles and singles to work with, in addition to our amazing new Rowing Center with indoor tanks.


For those who have taken our Learn to Row program or have previously rowed and are ready to join other athletes for a team learning experience, this class is for you.


For those who have more experience sculling and are ready to work with other athletes in team boats of quads and doubles this class is for you.


For advanced scullers who are interested in training with teammates for competition. Rowing takes place in quads and doubles. Previous advanced level of rowing required. Please reach out to Suzanne Walker to discuss whether this is a good fit for you.

Private Lessons

1 hr Private Lesson $90 / 1 hr Semi Private Lesson $120

For new rowers, or those looking to improve your technique, consider taking a one-to-one private lesson. You will have access to our new state of the art Rowing Center and indoor rowing tanks. We find this is an exceptional environment for learning stroke basics and advanced technique. Private and semi-private lessons will row in singles or doubles on the Bay.

Email Adult Rowing Director, Suzanne Walker, to schedule lessons:

Please reach out to your current coach, or Suzanne Walker if you have questions about your level.