Junior Powerboating

Ages: 12-18 4 hrs/Day, 4 days $375 – Powerboating Schedule PDF Version

In the classroom, on-the-dock and on-the-water! This state approved boating safety course, concentrates on the equipment and operating guidelines needed to enjoy boating in a safe and responsible way. Student to teacher ratio in the classroom is 15:1
In addition to 8 hours of classroom time, this course includes 1 hour of on-the-dock training, 1hr examination time, and 6 hours of on-the-water learning and practicing boating skills, navigation and boating basics. Modeled after “Driver’s Education” the 6 hours of on the water time is designed to provide instructional demonstrations, the opportunity for each student to practice at the helm and learn from observing other students at the helm. Student to teacher ratio on the water is 3:1.

Book a Private Lesson

Private lessons will be bookable online in 2022 via our website. Check back March 1st, 2022 for more details.

For questions, please email the Director of Programs, Betsy Davenport, at betsy@dbms.org