Building a home for Rowing and Marine Science


10 reasons why we are completing our campus

  1. To build a state-of-the-art Rowing Center and Marine Science Center.
  2. The Rowing and Ecology programs serve over 1,440 students per year and growing.
  3. Many of our students leverage the skills they learn at DBMS to expand their college prospects.
  4. This project will replace the last remaining relic of the past, the long tin shed, and now house our currently exposed valuable equipment.
  5. It’s time to provide our students with state-of-the-art spaces that will foster their passion, work ethic and curiosity.
  6. DBMS has spent over 20 years building a strong community of loyal participants.
  7. DBMS has become a popular health and wellness destination for adults through rowing, erging and fitness.
  8. Teaching young people Marine Ecology will prepare them to become the future stewards of Duxbury Bay.
  9. Our newMarine Science Center will literally bring the Bay into the classroom with a new ability to pump, filter, and store seawater on land.
  10. By completing The Ellison Campus DBMS will be able to serve it’s students year-round.

We have the students, we have their willingness to learn – Now we need your help to build them a permanent home.