View the schedule for all age groups for Discovery Week in Summer 2022

RS Quest

Ages 7-9

4hrs/Day, 5 days $365

This is a great first step for anyone interested in sailing but who is anxious about sailing without an instructor! Participants will sail our RS Quest. These durable, stable, and versatile boats fit three participants and an instructor! Depending on weather and boat availability, participants will also be able to try sailing a Pram.

Hartley 12

Ages 10-12

4hrs/Day, 5 days $365

Is your participant new to sailing, or a returning sailor looking for a relaxed one week offering? Grab a friend or two and come spend the week sailing a Hartley 12. The Hartley 12 is a fun modern boat that fits 2-3 participants and is designed for both new and experienced sailors.

Hobie Catamaran

Ages 13-15

4hrs/Day, 5 days $365

This course is designed for older, thrill-seeking students! Our Hobie Getaway catamaran is fast and fun. This is the perfect course if you want to blast around the harbor in our fastest boat! This boat requires a higher level of experience to sail and therefore an instructor will do the majority of the sailing. In lighter wind, participants will get a chance to sail the boat themselves by steering the tiller or learning to control the sails. As the wind picks up, participants will be able to sit back, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!


RS Quest


With this durable, stable, and versatile boat, students can expect to challenge themselves by learning to be the captain of their own ship while an instructor is in the boat. The RS Quest keeps sailors engaged and does not overwhelm them during the crucial learning process. 

Hartley 12


The Hartley 12 is a fast modern boat designed for both new and experienced sailors.



Our Hobie Getaway catamaran is fast and fun!

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