Why Donate to the Annual Fund…

The 2019 DBMS By The Numbers highlights the many wonderful ways that, with your support, DBMS has opened the Bay to so many in 2019. Of particular note, are the DBMS Outreach programs. Through these endeavors on Duxbury Bay, we: -Expand the horizons of underprivileged youth from Camp Wing. -Empower individuals challenged with disabilities to take the helm. -Honor our veterans with a day of maritime fun.

What you will not see on the “DBMS By The Numbers”, are the quieter ways in which your support has enabled DBMS to provide access to the Bay. In 2019, the school gave out a record amount of scholarship. Through this important financial aid, DBMS ensured that nobody was turned away because of a lack of means. Furthermore, donations by our community allow DBMS to offer its regular programs at half their true cost!

Below you will find a list of the many generous donors who supported the Annual Fund in 2019.  We can’t thank those donors enough and hope we can count on your support again!

If you are not on the 2019 list, please join our 2020 list! Your donations do make an incredible difference.

A special thanks to our 2019 Annual Fund Donors…


Bennett-Smith, Dr. Stephanie
Boston Marine Society
Brostowski, Mark and Maribeth
Clifford Family Foundation
Clifford, Fred and Barbara
Dimatteo, Peter and Laurel
Duxbury Yacht Club Char. Foundation
Elliott, Alastair and Jill
Ellison Foundation
Fogg, Jane
Ford Construction
Harry C. and Mary E. Grafton Memorial Fund

Hoover, Peter and Sue
Howland Capital Management LLC.
Kelly Family Foundation
Muncey, Kathy
Palmisano, Robert and Jane
Powell, Gary
Pratt, Keith and Nancy
The Quigley Family
Saquish Foundation
Sullivan, Marjorie and Dan
Thorbahn, John and Jana
Wooley-Clifford Charitable Foundation

$1000 – $4999

Anchor Capital Advisors
Bayside Marine Corp.
Beattie, Marc and Sarah
Bobseine, Mark and Claudia
Boerger, George H.
Bornheimer, Deborah
Caffrey, Jonathan and Elizabeth
Casagrande, Scott and Deborah
Clapp, Charlie and Martha
Crowley, Jennifer
Danner, Mary
Davenport, Betsy and Sam
Dow, Wells and Elizabeth
Dwyer, John and Susan
Franke, Kurt and Lyell
Haas, Daniel and Cheri
Hamori MD, PC, Christine A.
Hoyt, Sherm and Diane
Hutton, Heidi
Kane, Cap
Lawrence, Peter and Mary Ellen
Lawson, Edward and Janet
Lawson, Frank and Cynthia
Lawson, Ted and Amie
Leonard, Charles and Harriet
Looney, William and Susan
Lorimer, Christine and Scott
Loring, Richard and Patricia
Mastrovita, Robert and Poppy

Matteucci, Robert M
McCarthy, Veronica and Karl
Monaghan, Martin and Jennifer
O’Connor, John and Jordan
O’Neill, Thomas and Nancy
Pellegrini Family Dentistry LLC
Peterman, Marc and Regan
Phalen, Jim and Rosemary
Priester Foundation Fund
Rice Family Charitable Foundation
Riegel, Nancy
Rivers Electrical Corp.
Robinson, Jr., Powell
Rockland Trust
Sack, Brian and Amy
Sargent Child and Family Services, Corp.
Selfridge, Courtney and Mike
Shaunessy, Scott & Jeanne
Shawn Dahlen and Co. Inc.
Sheehan, Wilfred and Patricia
South Shore Sotheby’s
Stanwood, Drs. Walter and Jeannine
Sullivan, Steven and Elizabeth
Tribble, Brad and Jolene
Tyson, Molly and Chesley, David
Ulich, Ronald
Ward, George and Anne
Wareham, Raymond and Cornelia
Wolfson, Jason

$500 – $999

Adams, Julia
Bennett, Jr., Arthur and Nancy
Boston Consulting Group
Cole, John and Judith
Coletti, Kristin
Dinneen, James and Judy
Dixon, William and Katherine
Elliott, Alastair and Jill
Fleming, Peter
Hand, Mark
Hewitt, Charles and Theresa
Holmes, Sidney
India Hicks
Jensen, Soren and Ruth
Jodoin, Dennis and Vicki
Kelso, Dorothy H.
Kingston Yacht Club
Krahmer, Jane

Maguire, Peter and Susan
Morse, Richard and Sheila
Mullins, Kevin and Ann
Nigro, Corey and Catineau, Julie
Norberg, John and Margaret
Oxner, Anne Marie
Phillips Tree & Construction
Roest, Arnold
Spalding, Linn
Spolsino, Ali and Rob
Szachta, Paul and Allison
Thompson, D. Higgins
Thompson, Tim and Kristen
Thorn, Phillip and Jennifer
Tocci, Ginny
Trefry, Janet
Waterfront Realty Group
Zurlo, Paul and Sylvia

$250 – $499

Beatson, Robert and Kathleen
Beckerman, Jeffrey and Nancy
Collins, Michael and Jill
Davis, Maura and C. Barns
Davis, Virginia
Day, Lynne and Michael
Foley, Melissa and Joe
Frame, Peter and Cece
Fritz, Marketta
Goode, Joseph and Carroll
Hallowell, David S and Robin
Hanlon, Josie and Fran
Hillstrand, Lori and Kris
Hinkley, Clark and Jane
Hyde, Meg and John
Kelly, David and Michelle

Larson, Barb, Ted and Aric
Lawson, Samuel and Woody
Leckie, Kim and Steve
McCarthy, Kenneth and Carole
McCormick, Steve and Reggie
McGill, Don and Tracy
McGinty, John and Ingrid
Moretti, Paul and Lynn
Morris, James and Holly
Oliver, Mitchell and Kathleen
Peeler, Marie and Mulhall, Jerry
Rosenberger, Eric and Kate
Sea Tow South Shore – Maass, Ethan
Sullivan, Michael and Anita
VonIderstein, Douglas and Linda
Wiemeyer, Andrew and Kimberly

$100 – $249

Annis, Amy and Jeffrey
Barker, Diane
Barr, James and Aubrey
Bartlett, Douglas and Barbara
Bates, Jenny and Brian
Beeby, Kenneth and Shelley
Bettencourt, Christopher
Bicknell, Leonard and Dolly
Carleton, Allen and Laura
Carlisle, Mary
DeCollibus, Chris and Bethany
Dinneen, James and Jacklyn
Dow, Christopher and Erin
Fawcett, Robert and Maria
Felago, Heidi and Tom
Fitzgibbons, James and Janet
Gagnon, Patrick and Stephanie
Gaitley, Susan
Gleason, Paul and Phyllis
Groll, Holly Ditchfield
Hajjar, Richard
Hall, Daniel and Alice
Hayes, Robert and Nancy
Heidenreich, Robert and Charlyn
Herlihy, Mike and Penny
Hesse, Ben and Beth
Hoffman, Stephen and Irene
Hollyer, Tom and Lisa
Horn, Michael
Hunter, Diane
Hutchinson, Lee
Irving, Delmont and Regina
Jensen, Beverly and her daughters Amy, Julia & Cynthia
Karassik, Peter and Ellen
Karns, Susie and Winslow, Fred
Kellar, Doris
Kemp, Francis

Khoo, Christina
Kinsella, Thomas and Linda
Laird, Heidi
Lamarche, Morgan and Barbara
Lee, Christopher & Patricia
Lee, Corrina
Lemieux, Jon and Sarah
Little, Sam
Loring, Elizabeth and Robert
MacKinnon, John and Elizabeth
Mallette, Louise
Manning, Carol and Tim
McNulty, Kerry
Millar, Robert
Morse, Lara
Mullen, Douglas and Mitsak, Annie
Nuland, James and Beatrice
Olney, Richard
Ott, Merle and Mary
Pierce, Catherine
Popoloski, Christopher and Martha
Rachwalski, John and Fostira
Reardon, J Calder Smoot
Rubin, Chuck and Kerry
Ryer, Jane
Sarles, Suzanne and Rich
Scott, Alexandra
Steele Family
Stewart, Doug
Trezise, Mr. Fred W. III
Triggs, Charles
Valentine, Page and Lanci
Walsh, Gayle
Walsh, Mary
Watson, Arthur
Wilson, Sara
Winslow, Susan
Woodworth, Stephen and Corinne

$1 – $99

Armstrong, Jeff and Julie
Austin, Dennis and Barbara
Barrett, Nancy
Baumgarten Family
Berry, William and Erin
Boussy, Nicole
Callahan, Jean
Coleman, Aggie and Michael
Cox Wolkowicz, Candace
DePhillips, John and Jennifer
Despathy. Riley
Dorris, Weatherly
Flaherty, Jeffry
Graceffa, Anthony and Cepta
Hempel, Walter and Mary Beth
Hite, Lindsay
Holbrook, Guy and Amy
Jenkins, Shirley
Klebanoff, Jessica
LaTorre, Ryan

Lawson, Cassie
MacEwan Family
Marples, Robert and Judith
Massic, Betsy
Merrill, Eleanor
Murphy, Bridget
Murphy, Kate Powers
Nevins, Susan
Porter, Alex
Rice, William and Jennifer
Rosenbladt, Oliver and Melissa
Rost, Dwight and Sylvia
Salk-Coughlan, Nancy
Stamaris, Emily
Stevens, Frederick and Rev. Elizabeth
Strawbridge, Andrew
Streitfield, Michaela
Thompson, Kenzie
Tomberelli, Rick
Vonstackelberg, Charles and Nancy
White, Addy