Flying Scot Racing


Welcome to Flying Scot Racing (FSR)! The goal of FSR is to connect sailors of all levels and engage them in light-hearted and friendly racing out on Duxbury Bay.

Program Description:

DBMS Scot racing is not a typical race program! Our program makes it easy and fun for adults to race sailboats on Duxbury Bay in a casual, teaching environment. Experienced and novice sailors are both welcomed. Our goal and hope is that the experienced sailors share their knowledge and passion with the newest sailors.

Our season takes place in the Spring and Fall. We start off each session with a voluntary pre-season workday where the boats’ rigging is set and checked. For anyone new to Flying Scots we will also do an on land walkthrough of the FS’s controls. Most importantly the workday is an opportunity to meet new to the program Racers, or reconnect with returning Racers.

Once the season gets underway, races take place on Saturdays. Race times vary with the tide. Typical race days are 2.5-3 hours. However, if we have tide and the wind is good, it is not uncommon for a vote to be cast in favor of getting another race in.


  • Teams vary each week, are worked up on race day, and will be a mix of experienced and new-to-sailing Racers
  • We will rotate boats so that one skipper doesn’t use the same boat back to back
  • Races are scheduled for Saturdays
  • If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will either make up the day or add a race to the next few sails
  • If we have a larger group of people, we will anchor up a spectator boat and make personnel changes on the water


  • $175 per person for the 6 scheduled races in the Spring.
  • $175 per person for the 6 scheduled races in the Fall.

Spring 2022 Race Schedule

Fall 2022 Race Schedule