Welcome parents!

This program is the beginning of your child’s favorite past time – Sailing! This program runs for 8 weeks in the summer and introduces your child to sailing and being out on Duxbury Bay. The 3-day/week and 2-hour/day structure allows for a lot of learning and fun while keeping fast-moving 5 and 6 year-olds engaged. Whether you sign up for one or all of the 8 weeks you can be sure your child will gain plenty of experience on the water, knowledge of sailing, a relationship with the Bay and meaningful friendships.

Program Details

Kids ages 5-6

Offered Monday-Wednesday beginning June 22nd and meets rain or shine

Start times vary week to week due to the tides of Duxbury Bay

Program runs for 3 days for 2 hours a day

Students are encouraged to sign up for as many weeks as they want!