Ellison Foundation
Wooley-Clifford Charitable Foundation
The Clifford Family Foundation
Robert and Jane Palmisano
Gary Powell
Peter and Sue Hoover
Edward and Janet Lawson
Grafton Memorial Fund
Marketta Fritz

Peter and Meghan Quigley
Frederic and Barbara Clifford
David and Michelle Kelly
Christine and Scott Lorimer
Jim and Rosemary Phalen
Bill and Lynn Rice
Nancy Riegel
Stephanie Bennett-Smith

$1000 – $4999

Robert and Jeannie Fawcett

Kelli Bentinck-Smith
Scott and Deborah Casagrande
Certa Pro
Chris Chisholm
The Clapp Family
Community Garden Club of Duxbury
Shawn Dahlen & Co.
Mary Danner
F. Sherman and Diane Hoyt
Stephen Hull
Heidi Hutton
Charles Kane, Jr.
Bayside Marine Corp.
Charles and Harriet Leonard
Richard and Patricia Loring
Robert M. Matteucci

Paul and Lynn Moretti
Holly and Jimmy Morris
Ann and Kevin Mullins
Kevin and Emily Mullins
Jay and Bonnie Noonan
Sandy and Chelsie Olney
Anita Olson
Priester Foundation Fund
The Rice Family Charitable Foundation
Anchor Capital Advisors
Rivers Electrical Corp.
Sargent Child and Family Services, Corp.
Courtney Selfridge
Janet Trefry
Raymond and Cornelia Wareham
Zim Sailing

$500 – $999

Julia Adams
Glenn and Linda Brodie
Michael and Gayla Campbell
Brian and Katie Dinneen
William and Katherine Dixon
Peter and Cece Frame
Josie and Fran Hanlon
Soren and Ruth Jensen
Dorothy Kelso
Kingston Yacht Club

Samuel and Woody Lawson
William and Susan Looney
Peter and Susan Maguire
Richard and Sheila Morse
Phillips Tree & Construction
Powell Robinson, Jr.
Verc Enterprises
Douglas and Linda Von Iderstein
Deedra Walkey

$250 – $499

Kelly and Kristin Frazier
Roger Grant
Ethan Liebermann
Ed Mayo
Kenneth and Carole McCarthy

Marie Peeler and Jerry Mulhall
Catherine Pierce
Lisa Rockett
Jason Wolfson

$100 – $249

Amy and Jeffrey Annis
Sandra Arvidson
Caroline Baptista
Brian and Heather Barry
Douglas and Barbara Bartlett
Brian and Jenny Bates
Leonard and Dolly Bicknell
Katherine Brill
Paul and Beth Casey
Paul and Nancy Ceccarelli
David and Joan Collins
Dennis and Mariah Cronin
Chris and Bethany DeCollibus
James and Jacklyn Dinneen
David and Elizabeth Gardner
Paul and Phyllis Gleason
Anita Haffey
Daniel and Alice Hall
Robert and Nancy Hayes
Robert and Charlyn Heidenreich
Theodore and Holly Heidenreich, III
Mike and Penny Herlihy
Ben and Beth Hesse
Clark and Jane Hinkley
Francis Hunnewell
Delmont and Regina Irving
Kenneth and Martha Johnston
Susie Winslow and Fred Karns
Doris Kellar

Thomas and Linda Kinsella
Morgan and Barbara Lamarche
Katherine Lawson
Ted and Amie Lawson
Chris and Patty Lee
Elizabeth and Robert Loring
Hillary and Richard Lucier
Louise Mallette
Brian Malone
Nate and Eleanor Merril
Anna Millar
Martin and Jennifer Monaghan
Douglas Mullin and Annie Mitsak
James and Beatrice Nuland
Merle and Mary Ott
Walter and Marilyn Packard
John and Fostira Rachwalski
Sandy and Nancy Salmela
The Stames Family
Doug Stewart
The Ryer Family
Fred Trezise
Mary Walsh
Amanda Wang
Arthur Watson
Peter Welsh
Brad White
Sara Wilson

$1 – $99

Michael and Caren Bonner
Hamilton and Ann Bowman
Jean Callahan
Debbie Cressman
Anthony and Cepta Graceffa
Margaret Harvey
Walter and Mary Beth Hempel
Shirley Jenkins
William Krein
Robert Millar, Jr.
Harry and Pam Norweb
Caroline O’Keeffe

Dwight and Sylvia Rost
Annah Schmidt
Anne Schroeder
South Shore Conservatory
Keith and Erin Spatz
Rob and Ali Spolsino
Richard Stabile
Lynette Streitfield
Kenzie Thompson
Kathleen Ullathorne
Charles and Nancy Vonstackelberg

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