What is the size of the team?

Team size is limited by the finite limitations and safety risks of rowing on the bay and our equipment and coaching resources. To allow an unlimited number of participants would lead to a serious degradation in the quality of our program, and expose both the club and the rowers to potential safety risks.

All teams, novice/varsity and men/women, will go through a try-out process at the beginning of the season. The target total for the entire DBMS Crew team is 62 rowers and coxswains.

  • Girls Varsity: 16 rowers; 4 coxswains
  • Boys Varsity: 16 rowers; 4 coxswains
  • Girls Novice: 10 rowers; 1-2 coxswains
  • Boys Novice: 10 rowers; 1-2 coxswains
*Note: Varsity and novice tryouts run back-to-back. If the coaching staff feels that an athlete trying out for varsity (with novice eligibility) would benefit from a season of being on novice, that athlete may instead make the novice team. Also, if an athlete trying out for novice shows potential to be on the varsity team, the coaching staff may give them option of staying on novice or moving up to varsity.

What is the tryout process?

The tryout process for both varsity and novice athletes is 3 days long, running back-to-back (typically) on a Monday and ending on a Friday. Varsity and novice tryouts overlap on a Wednesday for the Physical Fitness Test.

Spring varsity tryouts consist of:

  • 2000m
  • 1 Minute Max Watts
  • PFT

Spring novice tryouts consist of:

  • PFT
  • Technique
  • 1500m

What are the athletes evaluated on?

Try-outs will take into account all of the aspects that allow a rower to be successful. Attributes the coaches will consider include: fitness level, strength-to-size ratio, technical ability, coach-ability, leadership, competitiveness, teamwork, attendance, positive attitude, sportsmanship, and general athletic potential.

Coxswains will be held to the same standards as rowers. Persons trying out as coxswains should understand leadership is inherent in the role and that weight and height are important considerations.

We encourage all Duxbury High School students of all sizes and abilities to try-out. The selection process will be managed entirely by the DBMS coaching staff in a very objective manner.

What is the Spring 2016 practice schedule?


  • M – F: 3:30 – 5:45pm
  • T/Th: Strength & Conditioning at the High School
    • 7am – 8am
    • Boys & girls varsity
  • Saturdays: Home scrimmages
    • Tidal schedule
    • See “Calendar” age for details


  • M-F: 3:30 – 5:30pm
  • Saturdays: Home scrimmages
    • Tidal schedule
    • See “Calendar” page for details
Note: Practice will be moved indoor in the case of poor weather or poor tide.

What is the Spring 2016 regatta schedule?

See “Calendar” page for details. This spring’s regatta schedule includes a few home and away scrimmages. Our season will end with two back-to-back championship regattas. The season may be extended if crews qualify for a national championship.

What is the price of the season?

Varsity – $875, uniform $170

Novice – $775, uniform $130

The price of the season includes: coaching, facility/equipment usage, and “full team” regatta fees.  This price does not include uniform ($170 – varsity; $130 – novice), “top varsity” regattas, optional regattas, or a team building activity.

How will the coaching staff communicate?

The coaching staff will communicate with the athletes primarily at practice, via email and text. Communication with parents will be done via E-Mail but you should always refer to DBMS.org for team information and any general announcements.