Here’s Why YOU Should be Excited about Jr. Sailing’s New Schedule Change

Due to an overwhelming response from our customer base, DBMS‘s Junior Sailing program decided to make a pretty big change to the traditional 3-week summer sailing model. You spoke up and we listened!

As you may have read from our last blog post about this, Junior Sailing will be running four 2-week sailing sessions instead of three 3-week sailing sessions. (To review that post, please click here.)

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So far, this has been very well received within the local sailing community and local parents of junior sailors.  However, we’ve had a few calls asking to better explain the breakdown of the 2-week sailing periods.

Earlier in the week, I sat down with Junior Sailing director, Chris Lash, to elaborate on some of the questions we’ve been asked.

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The Questions:

  1. Will students have enough time on the water now that the sessions are only 2-weeks long?

    • Yes, in fact, students will now have more time on the water with this new 2-week model! The 2-weeks will be broken into one ‘short week’ with classes lasting 3 hours each day, and one ‘long week’ with classes lasting 6 hours each day. The breakdown of hours spent on the water during each 3-week session was 35 hours, whereas the hours being spent on the water with the new 2-week model will be approximately 45!
  2. Will students be on the water for the full 6 hours during the ‘long week?’

    • No, students will not be kept on the water for the full 6 hours.  After 3 hours, students will be brought back to DBMS where they will de-brief the morning with their instructors and relax before the afternoon sailing session. During this time, students may pack a lunch or bring a snack. All students will need to stay on campus for the afternoon break between morning and afternoon sailing sessions.
  3. Will the schedules still be based on the tide?

    • Yes, we will still be running on a tidal schedule.  However, this two week program will have fewer late nights and early morning drop-off and pick-up times.   We are hoping that this will make it easier on parents when putting together their summer schedules. To view the 2-week summer sailing calendar, please click here.
  4. Are there still one week (and shorter) sailing classes available?

    • Yes, we still have plenty of one week and 1-3 day classes available! To view the calendar for these classes, please click here.
  5. Will students be able to fit more than one sailing session into their summer break?

    • YES! This new model will allow Junior Sailing students thew opportunity to participate in additional courses! Since the courses are now only 2-weeks long and are offered 4 times during the summer, it allows for more flexibility in regards to scheduling another course. (For instance, your Opti Magic student could now schedule to take Opti 2  while the skills were still fresh rather than wait until next summer to take it.)


If you have more questions, please feel free to call us at 781-934-7555.  To register for Junior Sailing summer courses, please visit our website.

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