What is Log Book Rowing?

  • Log Book Rowing is a program that aims to allow eligible rowers to checkout DBMS single shells to explore Duxbury Bay, practice their rowing technique and gain additional fitness though the sport of rowing. 

When is Log Book Rowing Available?

  • Available June 15th – October 15th

*DBMS reserves the right to extend, or shorten, this window due to bad weather, cold weather, etc.

  • Available 3 hours on either side of the high tide: Duxbury Bay Tide Chart
  • DBMS reserves the right to cancel, or shorten, this window due to bad weather, cold weather, etc.

How may I participate in Log Book Rowing?

  • Sign up for the Captain’s Test with Adult Rowing Coordinator, Suzanne Walker – email to schedule your test: suzanne@dbms.org
    • Participants must pass the Captain’s Test prior to being eligible to sign up for Log Book Rowing program. 
  • Upon passing the Captain’s Test, Suzanne will register you for the Log Book Rowing program.
    • Fee for Log Book Rowing
      • $75 if you have paid for and are currently enrolled in a rowing class
      • $200 if you are not enrolled in a rowing class


  • Is there a DBMS Staff Member on site during Log Book hours?
    • Yes. There will always be someone in the main office monitoring the base radio.
  • What if there is a rowing class when I want to check a boat out?
    • There are some mornings where the Log Book Rowing windows overlap with regularly scheduled Rowing Classes. Please confirm what equipment is available with Suzanne – suzanne@dbms.org
  • Where can I row in the Bay?
    • You may row anywhere within radio range so long as you are within 100 yards of the shoreline. You may not row in the channel. Log Book Rowing is scheduled around high tide to ensure your row will not require you to travel via the channel. Please steer clear for your own safety.