Summer Course Spotlight Series: Catch’em Fishing

snowy dbms

As the temperatures drop and snow starts of fall, many of us start to wonder if summer will ever come to Duxbury, MA. Though we can’t guarantee that another blizzard won’t pass through the South Shore (knock on wood), we do know that summer is in fact on the horizon.


In anticipation of the beautiful days to come, we’ll be featuring some of our new courses and classic “summer essentials” in this Spotlight Series.  Fist one out of the gate is a new addition to the DBMS Summer line up: Catch’em Fishing class!
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The class first began as many classes do at DBMS: as an idea that was tossed around during a brainstorming session.  After lots of conversations with young students and parents, we found that having a camp where kids could learn how to fish, or hone in on their skills, would be a perfect fit for our school.

In Catch’em Fishing, students ages 8-16 will bait and tackle their  way to becoming a natural saltwater fisher. Our fearless leader, Captain John is know around town for his charisma and has a reputation for rarely returning from a trip empty handed.  I think our Executive Director, Chuck Leonard puts it best, “Any body can go fishing… Captain John takes kids ‘catching.’  He’s also got the best attitude while out on the water, and never fails to show the people on board a good time.”

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Over the course of four days, students will learn a wealth of information while having a great time out on the bay.  From angering for blues, trapping lobsters, and even digging for quahogs on days where it’s just too hot to be sitting in a boat – to the ins and outs of tying essential knots and learning tackle tactics, proper casting, and fish handling.  Each class will begin with a 30 minute overview of the day and safety session at DBMS before they head out on the water.  To sign up for Catch’em Fishing, click here.