Tremendous thanks to these individuals who express their support for this program as we grow each year. This list is still growing as we receive donations and other means of help each and every day. We are incredibly appreciative of your efforts and support! Thank you!.

Cap Kane
Chuck Hewitt
Chuck Leonard
Dave Birkic
Jennifer Cooper
Barbara Palfrey
James Cooper
Constance G Houghton
Dorothea Cooper
Joe Cooper
Izzy McNulty
Peter A Houghton
Jackie Fricano
Rosamond Jones
Laurel Dimatteo
Julie Duvall
Heather Hobler
The McKay Family
Brian Long
Alison Rabschnuk
Patricia Cleary
Sally Whitaker
Roberta A Ruel
Patrick McNulty
Paul Winter Karyn
Packard Arthur Winter
Penny S Brewer
Mary Fran and David Grossman
Loretta B. Flynnboyle
Jay Cooper

Kristine O’Keeffe
Scott E Ciesielski
Willa Baynard
Paula Filias
Mitchell Oliver
Claudia A Johnston
Cristin Mitchell
Leslie Cooper
Erin Hart
Joanne M. Murphy
Maria Fisichelli
Bernard E Holmes Jr
Patrick D Curran
Sharon Pisani
Robert Johnson
Kathryn L weber
David Pieciak
Kim P Sweeney
Gina Pasquale
Bryan R Gregory
Patricia E Thomas
Jeffrey McNulty
Jennifer Fallon
Kristen A. McArdle
Charles and Kathleen McGowan
Glenn Gregory
Robert and Charlyn Heidenreich
Marc Fragola
Kenneth and Lisa McKim
Allied Recycling Center, Inc.
George and Betty Fahey

If you do not see your name on here, we mean no harm! Please feel free to email so we can add you to this list of supporters!