My first ever yoga class was hard, difficult and defeating. I didn’t think I would ever go back. My exercise mindset was that if I wasn’t exhausted after a workout I didn’t work hard enough. Consequently, I was always exhausted- physically, mentally, emotionally.

Fast forward 12 years hundreds of yoga classes later I’m a yoga believer. I have learned so much from the gifted yoga teachers I have met. They have taught me the importance of slowing down, living in the present moment, forgiveness and acceptance.

Yoga gives back. When your body and breath are moving as one and your mind is on pause that is my yoga.

I completed the 200 hour yoga training certification program at Open Doors Duxbury and want to give back all that I have received. I hopefully will bless others as I have been with yoga in my life.
Off my mat I have a 30+ year background in Radiation Oncology.  My passions are flower gardening, walking my dogs and hiking in the woods and spending quality time with the family and friends I adore.

I look forward to sharing yoga with you.