Summer Sailing for Ages 7-9

The RS Quest program is for kids with some or zero sailing experience who like to sail with friends AND an instructor. Our Pram and Opti summer sailing programs allow your child to really build confidence in their sailing skills and develop meaningful friendships over a two-week period. Below, scroll down to see the Beginner and Intermediate options.

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Beginner Programs

Pram Power


Ages 7-9 Learn the basics of boating safety, nomenclature, rigging, sail handling and steering. Starts with 2-3 students per boat.  Once a student becomes confident and capable of sailing single-handed they’ll be recommended to advance to Pram II. Prams are small, learn to sail boats that prepare sailors for the more complicated Optimist.

Opti Magic


Ages 9-12 This is an entry-level class for older students. Students will learn basic sailing techniques, rigging, use of hiking straps and tiller extensions. In addition to basic sailing techniques, students will expand their knowledge of wind and weather.

RS Quest


Ages: 9-12 With this durable, stable, and versatile boat, students can expect to challenge themselves by learning to be the captain of their own ship while an instructor is in the boat. The RS Quest keeps sailors engaged and does not overwhelm them during the crucial learning process. 

Intermediate Programs

Pram 2


Ages 8-9 Prerequisite: Pram Power $580 For those ready to sail solo and increase their on-the-water confidence. Proper docking techniques and the ability to sail a triangular course will be mastered before advancing.

Opti 2


Ages 9-12 Prerequisite: Opti Magic $580 Students will be challenged to perfect their sailing techniques including sailing upwind and using the tiller extension at all times, especially in between tacks. Towards the end of the course, students will begin to learn the very basic first steps to racing. Students will also be encouraged to sail in the 2 local regattas in Duxbury Bay. The Duxbury Yacht Club Regatta and DBMS Jr. Regatta will provide great opportunities for kids to get their first taste of racing in the Novice Green Fleet division.